The Monterey Alumni Association was formed in November of 2003 by former Plainsmen to serve as a social, educational and information tool for all former students of Monterey. It is our sincere hope that we will be able to serve as a clearinghouse for reunion information and contact with former Plainsmen wherever they may be. The Chairman and Board of Directors govern the association. Each graduating class is entitled to two representatives on the Board. Lifetime Charter memberships are available as well as voting memberships. All former students and supporters may join the association for free as an abstaining member.


The Monterey Alumni Association is a non-profit civic, educational and social organization organized September 1, 2003 by a representative group of ex-students from Monterey High School.

The organization was formed for the purpose of forming an organization of all those who attended Monterey High School. The Association, among other things, will begin a custom of holding an all classes' reunion and to formulate appropriated programs fostering the improvement of education at Monterey High School, including the granting of scholarships as money becomes available.


The following articles, as hereafter amended, shall constitute the By-Laws of the non-profit community organization known as the "Monterey Alumni Association" (referred to as the Association)


The purpose of the Monterey Alumni Association shall be to, among other things, meet periodically to renew old acquaintances for good fellowship with other ex-students who have attended Monterey High School, to sponsor reunions and other occasions and to adopt appropriate programs fostering the improvement of education at Monterey High School, including the granting of scholarships as funds may become available.


The Association shall consist of as many people as possible to carry out its purpose. Simplicity and economy are most important; therefore, only a Chairman, Board of Directors, Officers, Standing Committees and Members as named herein will be required.


A. Charter Membership- A lifetime charter membership is $50.00. Charter Members are automatically members of the Advisory Committee.

B. Voting Membership - Any ex-students, whether graduate or non-graduates of a class are entitled to membership in the Association and are eligible to become members of the Board. One year's dues are $10.00 If a couple are both former Plainsmen, the dues will be $15.00 for the couple.

C. Honorary Membership - Any person, student or on the staff of Monterey High School and any spouse of a member of the Association who did not attend Monterey High School is entitled to Honorary Membership without paying dues and may participate as volunteers but may not serve in any official capacity with the Association or become officers or members of the Board.

D. Loss of Membership- Any person found to be engaged in any activity deemed as injurious to the Association will be removed from the rolls of membership and forfeit any or all dues paid. A member may appeal removal directly to the Chairman of the Association. The decision of the Chairman will be final.


The Board of Directors shall elect with advice and consent of the Chairman the six (6) officers of the Association who will serve for a period of three (2) years. These officers shall serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms in that office. The seven officers of the Association shall be: The Chairman/ CEO, President/COO, First and Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. The Immediate Past President of the organization shall be considered an officer and shall be a full voting member of the Executive Committee (see IX, B below).

In the event of the resignation, death or inability on the part of any of the officers, the Executive Committee shall appoint a member of the Association to serve for the un-expired term of that officer.

Nominations for these offices shall be submitted to the Board by the duly appointed Nominating Committee (see IX, F below) In addition, during a meeting where elections are being held for these offices, any current member may make nominations from the floor, but only if the nominee has granted prior approval. Voting for officers shall be by written ballot if requested by any member of the Board. Otherwise, the vote shall be by show of hands or by voice vote. The Chairman authorizes e-mail balloting in such cases, as he deems necessary.

Officer duties shall be as follows:

A. President -

1. IIs responsible for the overall operation of the Association and shall function personally or delegate, as seems appropriate, to accomplish this responsibility along with any other duties set forth in other sections of these by-laws.

2. Shall determine when special meetings of the Board of Directors are required, set time and location and notify the directors and Association members as provided in these by-laws. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be requested by the Executive Committee and by one fourth of the members of the Board of Directors.

B. 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President-

1. In numerical order, shall assume all presidential duties and responsibilities in the absence of the President, and shall function as otherwise set forth in these By-Laws.

2. The 1st VP, in collaboration with the President, shall make all arrangements for stated and special meetings of the Board of Directors.

3. The 2nd VP shall serve as Public Relations Chairman and will use all methods at his disposal to publicize the activities and the benefits of membership of the organization. As an additional duty, the 2nd VP will either personally, or through delegation, publish a newsletter three times each year to be sent out in advance of each of the three stated meetings of the Board of Directors.

C. Secretary -

1. Record and maintain a record of all proceedings of the Executive Committee meetings and stated/special meetings of the Board of Directors. Report proceedings of the last stated meeting and any other meetings, conducted during the last four months, at each stated meeting for the Board's approval.

2. Assist the President in the arrangement and organization of each meeting of the Board of Directors and such other meeting that may be called.

3. Be responsible for notification of the Board members of time and location of all regular and called meetings.

4.Assist the 2nd VP in publishing the Association newsletter.

D. Treasurer -

1. Shall maintain all accounts and financial records and make an annual report to the members at the February stated meeting of each year.

2. Records shall be based on a fiscal year operation from January 1 to December 31.

3. Maintain Association funds in a bank account. All withdrawals of $500.00 or more must have the written concurrence of the Chairman.

E. Historian -

1. Keep the archives of the organization in an orderly manner in order to present a clear record of the progress of our organization and to keep records as completely as possible of members of past graduating classes, their whereabouts and status. This is to provide a record of MHS graduates from the past and to facilitate their notification of meetings, reunions, etc.

2. Provide a history of the MHS Alumni Association's activities so that future members and officers will be able to accurately further the purposes and goals of the organization. F. Immediate Past President - The Immediate Past President of the Association shall automatically be a member of the Board and Executive Committee and shall give counsel and advice to the governing body of the Association.


A. The Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the Board) will consist of one (1) member to be named by each alumni class. This Director shall be responsible for their class roster updates. The number of directors on the Board will depend upon the number of participating alumni classes and the needs of the Association.

B. The group or representatives from each alumni class eligible to name a director shall be considered to be that dues paying group who has been organizing reunions and other meetings for the class.

C. Any graduating class from Monterey High School shall be eligible and encouraged to participate.

D. Directors shall serve for a term of two (2) years. The Association President shall fill by the alumni class originally placing the vacating director or a Board vacancy.


The Board shall be vested with the authority to manage the affairs of the Association and for the purpose of transacting business.

A. It shall be the Board's duty to take charge, control and manage the affairs of the Association and to take the initiative to determine the policies of the Association.

B. The Board shall receive the Secretary's report of the last stated meeting and any other meetings, conducted during the last four months, and approve or revise/approve such reports.

C. There shall be two (2) stated meetings per year on the third (3rd) Thursday of April and October at 2:30 p.m. The Chairman may call other meetings as set forth in other sections of these by-laws. All Board meetings of the Association shall be open to the membership. Notice of each stated meeting will be posted by electronic means at least one week before the meeting date.

D. Ten day's notice of special or called meetings of the Board shall be given each officer, director by electronic post. Each notice shall contain a statement of the business to be transacted.

E. A quorum shall be a simple majority of the total directors' membership and shall be sufficient to transact any business duly presented at any meeting. Written ballots if requested by any director shall decide issues requiring director action, as set forth in the by- laws. Otherwise, the directors present shall decide issues by voice or hand vote. Directors must be present to cast oral or hand votes. Written proxies will be accepted in the absence of a Board member for written ballot only. The holder of said proxy is required to notify the Chairman, President or the Secretary before the beginning of the meeting for which the proxy applies.


A. General - the following conditions and procedures shall apply to the general operation of the standing committees:

1. All standing and special committees will be appointed by the Chairman and may be called by the Chair of that committee.

2. A simple majority of the total members shall constitute a quorum.

3. Chairs of all standing committees shall attend stated and called Board meetings.

4. Chairs of all standing committees shall make a report if there have been any actions by their committee at those Board meetings.

B. Executive Committee Shall be chaired by the Association Chairman and consist of the Association officers:

President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, Immediate Past President and any other member designated by the Chairman. Meetings may be called by the Chairman or by any three members of the Executive Committee. The Chairman may declare a quorum to transact priority business.

The Executive Committee shall have the authority to conduct the regular, routine business of the Association between regular Board of Directors meetings in accordance with the provisions of these By- Laws.

C. Advisory/Steering Committee-
Shall contain all members of the Executive Committee, a Chairman and members as shall be deemed appropriate by the Chairman. All Charter Members are eligible to serve on this committee.

D. Membership Committee -
Shall consist of one (1) member from each participating alumni class.

1. Upon becoming a member of the Association, each participating alumni class shall name a class member to this committee and provide a class roster to the Historian. The roster should include the best information available about the class to include the correct name of each class member, spouse, address and telephone number.

2. A goal of the Association is to maintain an accurate and up- dated record of all MHS ex-students. To this end, the cooperation of each member of this committee is very important. The appropriate Board members should present a report of changes in alumni status of each class annually or sooner when it is available.

D. Public Relations Committee -
Shall be chaired by the 2nd Vice President who shall select the required number of members of the Association to serve on this committee with approval of the Executive Committee. The Public Relations Committee shall be assigned the following duties

1. Responsibility for the preparation of news releases to publicize all reunion functions, special projects, events and the election of officers and other important announcements.

2. Publish news releases for print, broadcast and other electronic media.

E. Auditing Committee -
Shall consist of three (3) members of the Association appointed by the Chairman The Auditing Committee shall:

1. Starting the third (3rd) week of February, perform an audit of all funds of the Association and make a report at the April stated meeting.

2. Investigate any operational function it may deem necessary to look into or requested by the Chairman, any officer, director or member.

F. Nominating Committee -
Shall consist of five (5) members of the Association appointed by the President, each member being from a different MHS class. The Nominating Committee is commissioned to solicit members to run for the six elected offices of the organization during the ensuing three years.

The President shall appoint this committee and name a chair no later than the third week of February of the year in which a reunion is held. Election of officers shall take place at the October stated meeting in the third (2nd) year term of current officers.


A. The dues for each fiscal year shall be ten dollars ($10.00) for single alumni members and fifteen dollars ($15.00) for a couple who are both MHS alumni. Dues are payable annually, in advance of December 31st.

The dues received, for the most part, will be used for the costs of printing and mailing to keep the membership aware of information pertaining to the Association. At least three (3) newsletters shall be mailed to the membership each year. The 2nd vice President shall be responsible for developing and mailing the newsletter.

B. The Association is authorized to accept donations and/or contributions from any alumnus and any graduating class. The donor may designate such donations and/or contributions for the purpose for which they are to be used: i.e., scholarship funds, Alumni Walk Bricks at the school and for the general operations of the Association or for other specific purposes. The Association is further authorized to open and manage bank accounts.


These By-Laws may be amended at any stated meeting of the Board of Directors, by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Board present. Written ballots must be provided for this vote if requested by any member of the Board. Otherwise, voting will be conducted by show of hands or by voice vote. The Chairman may authorize electronic voting. Any alumni member in good standing when presented in writing to that member's class representative may propose amendments for consideration.

However, no amendments shall be put to vote unless written notice thereof, stating the proposed amendment, shall be given to each board member by mail, electronic mail or personal delivery at least two weeks prior to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.

October 12, 2003


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